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  • General Scientific Session I
    Sunday, October 20, 2019 - 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm
    Directors/Moderators: Lola B. Chambless, Alexander A. Khalessi, Ganesh Rao
    Specialties: General
    Course ID: General Scientific Session I

    Learning Objectives

    Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to:

    • Identify the evidence supporting chronic traumatic encephalopathy and the implications for clinical care
    • Summarize key evidence-based advances in neuro-oncological and spinal surgical care
    • Describe how critical illness affects our understanding and management of patients

    Manish K. Aghi, Mitchel S. Berger, Peter Cummings, Zoher Ghogawala, Michael T. Lawton, Joseph C. Maroon, Anil Nanda, Julie G. Pilitsis, Ganesh Rao



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