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  • Steve Gogela: 
    Building a Group Practice in Lincoln, Nebraska

    Author: Steve Gogela, MD

    Neurosurgery in Lincoln, Nebraska is a constant challenge. We take care of a wide variety of pathologies and are flush with the cutting-edge technology that is necessary to the care of our patients and community. On any given day, we may be resecting a skull base tumor, performing a navigated MIS TLIF, clipping a ruptured aneurysm, placing a VIM DBS electrode with a robot, or removing a pituitary adenoma with ENT. While a significant amount of degenerative spinal pathology walks into our offices, we have the expertise and support to manage nearly all facets of neurosurgery outside of epilepsy at this time. To me, this is the definition of general neurosurgery and the perfect community in which to practice. 

    Lincoln has been home to a great number of well-trained neurosurgeons for many decades; currently we are six. Between our two private groups, almost all areas of neurosurgery are represented, but we do have some limitations. We do not have an endovascular neurosurgeon (but have a great and seamless relationship with our peers in Omaha). We do not have an epilepsy surgery program, nor a neuro-otologist to expand our offering of skull base procedures. However, we are able to confidently manage the vast majority of neurosurgical patients in Lincoln and surrounding communities and are a catchment facility for much of the state.

    Our patient population is highly variable. We have a level 2 trauma designation and a busy interstate system passes through the North side of town. The combination of farming accidents, interstate trauma, and having a major college campus down the road keeps trauma call interesting. As for our elective practices, the moniker “Nebraska Nice” is generally true of our patients, colleagues, staff, etc. and we are surrounded by phenomenal physicians in nearly all specialties. We are not burdened by significant political distractions within our field and are free to develop niche areas of neurosurgery in keeping with our diverse training and without any academic pressure.

    Much like the city in general, Neurosurgery in Lincoln is a hidden gem and I am proud to play a role. There is tremendous trust and respect between us and we plan to continue raising the bar of neurosurgical care in Lincoln for years to come. The CNS is crucial to our staying current with guidelines, practice patterns, and technological advancements that will keep us moving forward into the future. CME offerings are very informative and we value hearing from respected neurosurgeons at high-powered academic institutions to ensure that our patients are receiving the best modern care. Hopefully we can continue refueling with aspiring neurosurgeons seeking a general practice to keep Lincoln on the forefront of neurosurgical care long into the future.


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